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What is the CoLab?

The CoLab, established at the Department of Developmental Psychology of the University of Padova in the 2000, hosts a variety of research projects, which focus primarily on exploring the functional and neural mechanisms subserving attention and language abilities in human adults.


Mission of the CoLab is to promote the scientific interaction between its members and the rest of the world sharing analogous interests.

It is a members’ strong belief that this is a leading avenue to a general enhancement of the level of members’ preparation, and of the possibility to access funds and resources.


The work at the CoLab is experimental investigation. The measured variables range from behavioral (e.g., reaction times and accuracy in carrying out one task in isolation or more tasks concurrently; speed and accuracy to perform an eye movement) to physiological variables (e.g., using electroencephalographic and optical imaging techniques).

The statistical tests used for data treatment range from classic parametric tests to more sophisticated techniques based on math modeling.


The facilities at the CoLab include several PCs/Macs and high-resolution monitors for stimuli presentation and behavioral data recordings. All computers are located in sound-proof rooms. The facilities include two 64-channel BrainAmp setups with ActiCaps for EEG recording. The EEG chambers are equipped with 6 PCs and high-resolution monitors porting BrainRecorder and BrainAnalyzer software from BrainProduct, MEL2 and Eprime stimulation systems. The near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) lab is equipped with a 64-channel ISS Imagent optical converter for diffuse optical tomography positioned in a chamber communicating with a room where a set of PCs enables the control of stimuli presentation and optical data recording.