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Research Areas

My research interests are oriented towards the study of empathy and facial emotion expression processing

Social neuroscience
Social interaction, joint attention and shared experiences

Selected Publications

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Chen, Y; Brigadoi, S; Lomoriello, A Schiano; Jolicoeur, P; Simal, A; Fu, S; Baro, V; Dell’Acqua, R

A bilateral SPCN is elicited by to-be-memorized visual stimuli displayed along the vertical midline Journal Article

In: Psychophysiology, vol. 59, pp. e14045, 2022.

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Lomoriello, Arianna Schiano; Maffei, Antonio; Brigadoi, Sabrina; Sessa, Paola

Altering sensorimotor simulation impacts early stages of facial expression processing depending on individual differences in alexithymic traits Journal Article

In: Brain and Cognition, vol. 148, pp. 105678, 2021.



Meconi, F; Doro, M; Schiano, A; Mastrella, G; Sessa, P

Neural measures of the role of affective prosody in empathy for pain Journal Article

In: Scientific reports, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 291, 2018.

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Lomoriello, Arianna Schiano; Meconi, Federica; Rinaldi, Irene; Sessa, Paola

Out of sight out of mind: Perceived physical distance between the observer and someone in pain shapes observer’s neural empathic reactions Journal Article

In: Frontiers in psychology, vol. 9, pp. 1824, 2018.


Papers in progress


Piallini, G; Meconi, F; DePalo, F; SchianoLomoriello, A; Capra, N; Sessa, P; Simonelli, A

Mothers with history of drug addiction show selective attenuation of empathic reactivity to children’s pain Journal Article

In: Submitted to Frontiers in psychology, 2017.


SchianoLomoriello, A; Sessa, P

L’utilizzo della tecnica di hyperscanning nelle neuroscienze sociali Journal Article

In: Submitted to Giornale Italiano di Psicologia, 2017.


Meconi, F; Doro, M; SchianoLomoriello, A; Mastrella, G; Sessa, P

Speaking other’s language makes us closer: The case of empathy towards unintelligible others’ pain Journal Article

In: Manuscript in preparation, 2017.




Lomoriello, A Schiano; Piallini, G; Meconi, F; Palo, F De; Simonelli, A; Sessa, P

Empathic neural responses in drug-addicted mothers: An event-related potential investigation Conference

9th Social & Affective Neuroscience Society (SANS), 28-30 April, 2016.


Lomoriello, A Schiano; Meconi, F; Sessa, P

The empathic value of emotional prosody: does the way you express feelings shape both neural empathic reactions triggered by concomitant facial expressions and language content? An ERP study. Conference

56th Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR), 21-25 September, 2016.


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