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Zhang, Xinyuan; Dalmaso, Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Fiorese, Alberto; Lan, Yonglong; Sun, Bo; Fu, Shimin; Galfano, Giovanni

Social attention across borders: A cross-cultural investigation of gaze cueing elicited by same- and other-ethnicity faces Journal Article

British Journal of Psychology, 112 , pp. 741–762, 2021.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Vicovaro, Michele

Is face age mapped asymmetrically onto space? Insights from a SNARC-like task Journal Article

Symmetry, 13 , pp. 1617, 2021.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Scatturin, Pietro; Galfano, Giovanni

Can attitude similarity shape social inhibition of return? Journal Article

Visual Cognition, 29 , pp. 463-474, 2021.

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Vicovaro, Michele; Dalmaso, Mario

Is ‘heavy’ up or down? Testing the vertical spatial representation of weight Journal Article

Psychological Research, 85 , pp. 1183–1200, 2021.

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Canale, Natale; Moretta, Tania; Pancani, Luca; Buodo, Giulia; Vieno, Alessio; Dalmaso, Mario; Billieux, Joël

A test of the pathway model of problematic smartphone use Journal Article Forthcoming

Journal of Behavioral Addictions, Forthcoming.

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Collins‐Jones, L H; Arichi, T; Poppe, T; Billing, A; Xiao, J; Fabrizi, L; Brigadoi, S; Hebden, J C; Elwell, C E; Cooper, R J

Construction and validation of a database of head models for functional imaging of the neonatal brain Journal Article Forthcoming

Human Brain Mapping, Forthcoming.

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Gastaldon, Simone ; Arcara, Giorgio ; Navarrete, Eduardo ; Peressotti, Francesca

Commonalities in alpha and beta neural desynchronizations during prediction in language comprehension and production Journal Article Forthcoming

Cortex, Forthcoming, ISSN: 00109452.

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Zhao, H; Brigadoi, S; Chitnis, D; Vita, De E; Castellaro, M; Powell, S; Everdell, N L; Cooper, R J

A wide field-of-view, modular, high-density diffuse optical tomography system for minimally constrained three-dimensional functional neuroimaging Journal Article

Biomedical Optics Express, 11 (8), pp. 4110–4129, 2020.


Monnier, A; Dell'Acqua, R; Jolicœur, P

Distilling the distinct contralateral and ipsilateral attentional responses to lateral stimuli and the bilateral response to midline stimuli for upper and lower visual hemifield locations Journal Article

Psychophysiology, 57 (11), pp. e13651, 2020.

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Castellaro, M; Moretto, M; Baro, V; Brigadoi, S; Zanoletti, E; Anglani, M; Denaro, L; Dell'Acqua, R; Landi, A; Causin, F; D'Avella, D; Bertoldo, A

Multi-shell diffusion MRI based tractography of the facial nerve in vestibular schwannoma Journal Article

American Journal of Neuroradiology, 41 (8), pp. 1480-1486, 2020.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Galfano, Giovanni

Microsaccadic rate and pupil size dynamics in pro-/anti-saccade preparation: the impact of intermixed vs. blocked trial administration Journal Article

Psychological Research, 84 , pp. 1320-1332, 2020.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Galfano, Giovanni

Early saccade planning cannot override oculomotor interference elicited by gaze and arrow distractors Journal Article

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 27 , pp. 990-997, 2020.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Galfano, Giovanni

Social modulators of gaze-mediated orienting of attention: A review Journal Article

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 27 , pp. 833-855, 2020.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Alessi, Giada; Castelli, Luigi; Galfano, Giovanni

Eye contact boosts the reflexive component of overt gaze following Journal Article

Scientific Reports, 10 (4777), 2020.

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Doro, M; Bellini, F; Brigadoi, S; Eimer, M; Dell'Acqua, R

A bilateral N2pc (N2pcb) component is elicited by search targets displayed on the vertical midline Journal Article

Psychophysiology, 57 (3), pp. e13512, 2020.

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Marturano, F; Brigadoi, S; Doro, M; Dell'Acqua, R; Sparacino, G

Computer data simulator to assess the accuracy of estimates of visual N2/N2pc event-related potential components Journal Article

Journal of Neural Engineering, 17 (3), pp. 036024, 2020.

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Ceccarini, Francesco; Guerra, Silvia; Peressotti, Alessandro; Peressotti, Francesca; Bulgheroni, Maria; Baccinelli, Walter; Bonato, Bianca; Castiello, Umberto

Speed--accuracy trade-off in plants Journal Article

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, pp. 1–8, 2020.


Zanini, Chiara; Rugani, Rosa; Giomo, Dunia; Peressotti, Francesca; Franzon, Francesca

Effects of animacy on the processing of morphological Number: a cognitive inheritance? Journal Article

Word Structure, 13 (1), pp. 22–44, 2020.


Scaltritti, Michele; Suitner, Caterina; Peressotti, Francesca

Language and motor processing in reading and typing: Insights from beta-frequency band power modulations Journal Article

Brain and Language, 204 , pp. 104758, 2020.


Miozzo, Michele; Villabol, Michael; Navarrete, Eduardo; Peressotti, Francesca

Hands show where things are: The close similarity between sign and natural space Journal Article

Cognition, 196 , pp. 104106, 2020.


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