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DiLorenzo, R; Pirazzoli, L; Blasi, A; Bulgarelli, C; Hakuno, Y; Minagawa, Y; Brigadoi, S

Recommendations for motion correction of infant fNIRS data applicable to data sets acquired with a variety of experimental designs and acquisition systems Journal Article Forthcoming

Neuroimage, Forthcoming.


Downey, D; Brigadoi, S; Trevithick, L; Elliott, R; Elwell, C; McAllister-Williams, H; Anderson, I M

Frontal haemodynamic responses in depression and the effect of electroconvulsive therapy Journal Article Forthcoming

Journal of Psychopharmacology , Forthcoming.


Timeo, S; Brigadoi, S; Farroni, T

Perception of Caucasian and African faces in 5- to 9-month-old Caucasian infants: A functional near-infrared spectroscopy study Journal Article

Neuropsychologia, 126 , pp. 3-9, 2019.

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Dalmaso Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Galfano Giovanni

Microsaccadic rate and pupil size dynamics in pro-/anti-saccade preparation: the impact of intermixed vs. blocked trial administration Journal Article Forthcoming

Psychological Research, Forthcoming.

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Dalmaso Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Galfano Giovanni

Self-related shapes can hold the eyes Journal Article Forthcoming

Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Forthcoming.

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Dalmaso Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Galfano Giovanni

Anticipation of cognitive conflict is reflected in microsaccades: Evidence from a cued-flanker task Journal Article Forthcoming

Journal of Eye Movement Research, Forthcoming.


Dalmaso Mario; Vicovaro, Michele

Evidence of SQUARC and distance effects in a weight comparison task Journal Article Forthcoming

Cognitive Processing, Forthcoming.

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Baro, V; Landi, A; Brigadoi, S; Castellaro, M; Moretto, M; Anglani, M; Ermani, M; Causin, F; Denaro, L; Bertoldo, A; d'Avella, D

Preoperative prediction of facial nerve in patients with Vestibular Schwannomas: the role of diffusion tensor imaging. A systematic review Journal Article

World neurosurgery, 125 , pp. 24-31, 2019.



Brigadoi, S; Basso-Moro, S; Falchi, R; Cutini, S; Dell'Acqua, R

On pacing trials while scanning brain hemodynamics: The case of the SNARC effect Journal Article

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 25 (6), pp. 2267–2273, 2018.

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Arcara, Giorgio; Franzon, Francesca; Gastaldon, Simone; Brotto, Silvia; Semenza, Carlo; Peressotti, Francesca; Zanini, Chiara

One can be some but some cannot be one: ERP correlates of numerosity incongruence are different for singular and plural Journal Article

Cortex, 2018.

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Zhang, B; Liu, S; Doro, M; Galfano, G

Attentional Guidance from Multiple Working Memory Representations: Evidence from Eye Movements Journal Article

Scientific Reports, 8 (13876), 2018.

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Brigadoi, S; Salvagnin, D; Fischetti, M; Cooper, R

Array Designer: Automated optimized array design for functional near-infrared spectroscopy Journal Article

Neurophotonics, 5 (3), pp. 035010 , 2018.

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Bulgarelli, C; Blasi, A; Arridge, S; Powell, S; de Klerk, C; Southgate, V; Brigadoi, S; Penny, W; Tak, S; Hamilton, A

Dynamic causal modelling on infant fNIRS data: A validation study on a simultaneously recorded fNIRS-fMRI dataset Journal Article

NeuroImage, 175 (15), pp. 413–424, 2018.


Meconi, F; Doro, M; Schiano, A; Mastrella, G; Sessa, P

Neural measures of the role of affective prosody in empathy for pain Journal Article

Scientific reports, 8 (1), pp. 291, 2018.

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Scaltritti, Michele; Alario, F-Xavier; Longcamp, Marieke

The Scope of Planning Serial Actions during Typing Journal Article

Journal of cognitive neuroscience, pp. 1–10, 2018.


Peressotti, Francesca; Scaltritti, Michele; Miozzo, Michele

Can sign language make you better at hand processing? Journal Article

PloS one, 13 (3), pp. e0194771, 2018.


Scaltritti, Michele; Dufau, Stéphane; Grainger, Jonathan

Stimulus orientation and the first-letter advantage Journal Article

Acta psychologica, 183 , pp. 37–42, 2018.


Arfè, Barbara ; Montanaro, Maria ; Mottura, Elena ; Scaltritti, Michele ; Manara, Renzo ; Basso, Giuseppe ; Sainati, Laura ; Colombatti, Raffaella

Selective Difficulties in Lexical Retrieval and Nonverbal Executive Functioning in Children With HbSS Sickle Cell Disease Journal Article

Journal of pediatric psychology, 43 (6), pp. 666–677, 2018.


Basso-Moro, S; Dell'Acqua, R; Cutini, S

The SNARC effect is not a unitary phenomenon Journal Article

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 25 , pp. 688-695, 2018.

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Benavides-Varela, S; Moro, Basso S; Brigadoi, S; Meconi, F; Doro, M; Simion, F; Sessa, P; Cutini, S; Dell'Acqua, R

N2pc reflects two modes for coding the number of visual targets Journal Article

Psychophysiology, 55 (11), pp. e13219, 2018.

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