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Dalmaso, Mario; Galfano, Giovanni; Castelli, Luigi

Are eyes special? Gaze, but not pointing gestures, elicits a reversed congruency effect in a spatial Stroop task Journal Article Forthcoming

In: Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, Forthcoming.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Galfano, Giovanni; Castelli, Luigi

Testing the effects of gaze distractors with invariant spatial direction on attention cueing Journal Article Forthcoming

In: Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, Forthcoming.

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Dalmaso, Mario

Foot cues can elicit covert orienting of attention Journal Article

In: Psychological Research, vol. 87, pp. 2440–244, 2023.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Fedrigo, Giacomo; Vicovaro, Michele

Gazing left, gazing right: Exploring a spatial bias in social attention Journal Article

In: PeerJ, vol. 11, no. e15694, 2023.

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Lorenzoni, Anna; Calignano, Giulia; Dalmaso, Mario; Navarrete, Eduardo

Linguistic identity as a modulator of gaze cueing of attention Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 13, no. 10829, 2023.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Vicovaro, Michele; Watanabe, Katsumi

Cross-cultural evidence of a space-ethnicity association in face categorisation Journal Article

In: Current Psychology, vol. 42, pp. 15883–15892, 2023.

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Peressotti, Francesca; Lorenzoni, Anna; Miozzo, Michele

Moral judgments in native, regional, and foreign languages Journal Article

In: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, pp. 1–10, 2023.

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Gastaldon, S.; Busan, P.; Arcara, G.; Peressotti, F.

Inefficient speech-motor control affects predictive speech comprehension: atypical electrophysiological correlates in stuttering Journal Article

In: Cerebral Cortex, 2023.

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Lago, S.; Pezzetta, R.; Gastaldon, S.; Peressotti, F.; Arcara, G.

Trial-by-trial fluctuations of prestimulus alpha power predict post-stimulus amplitude of language ERPs Journal Article

In: PsyArXiv, 2023.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Schnapper, Youval; Vicovaro, Michele

When time stands upright: STEARC effects along the vertical axis Journal Article

In: Psychological Research, vol. 87, pp. 894–918 , 2023.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Bernardini, Chiara; Galfano, Giovanni

Can masked gaze and arrow stimuli elicit overt orienting of attention? A registered report Journal Article

In: Consciousness and Cognition, vol. 109, no. 103476, 2023.

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Zhang, Xinyuan; Dalmaso, Mario; Galfano, Giovanni; Castelli, Luigi

Tuning social modulations of gaze cueing via contextual factors Journal Article

In: Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, vol. 30, pp. 1004–1010 , 2023.

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Canale, Natale; Pancani, Luca; Pivetta, Erika; Moretta, Tania; Marino, Claudia; Buodo, Giulia; Vieno, Alessio; Dalmaso, Mario; Billieux, Joël

Heterogeneity of smartphone impact on everyday life and its relationship with personality and psychopathology: A latent profile analysis Journal Article

In: Comprehensive Psychiatry, vol. 120, pp. 152356, 2023.

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Dalmaso, Mario

Exploring the Social Environment with the Eyes: A Review of the Impact of Facial Stimuli on Saccadic Trajectories Journal Article

In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , vol. 19, iss. 24, no. 16615, 2022.

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Balters, S; Schlichting, M; Foland-Ross, L; Brigadoi, S; Miller, J G; Kochenderfer, M J; Garrett, A S; Reiss, A L

Towards Assessing Subcortical “Deep Brain” Biomarkers of PTSD with Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Journal Article Forthcoming

In: Cerebral Cortex, Forthcoming.


Ayaz, H; Baker, W B; Blaney, G; Boas, D A; Bortfeld, H; Brady, K; Brake, J; Brigadoi, S; Buckley, E M; Carp, S A; others,

Optical imaging and spectroscopy for the study of the human brain: status report Journal Article

In: Neurophotonics, vol. 9, no. S2, pp. S24001, 2022.

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Dell’Acqua, R; Doro, M; Brigadoi, S; Drisdelle, B L; Simal, A; Baro, V; Jolicœur, P

On target selection as reflected by posterior ERP components in feature-guided visual search Journal Article

In: Psychophysiology, vol. 59, pp. e14131, 2022.

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Vicovaro, Michele; Dalmaso, Mario; Bertamini, Marco

Towards the boundaries of self-prioritization: Associating the self With asymmetric shapes disrupts the self-prioritization effect Journal Article

In: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, vol. 49, pp. 972-986, 2022.

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Chen, Y; Brigadoi, S; Lomoriello, A Schiano; Jolicoeur, P; Simal, A; Fu, S; Baro, V; Dell’Acqua, R

A bilateral SPCN is elicited by to-be-memorized visual stimuli displayed along the vertical midline Journal Article

In: Psychophysiology, vol. 59, pp. e14045, 2022.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Petri, Lara; Patron, Elisabetta; Spoto, Andrea; Vicovaro, Michele

Direct gaze holds attention, but not in individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder Journal Article

In: Brain Sciences, vol. 12, pp. 288, 2022.

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