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Vicovaro, Michele; Dalmaso, Mario; Bertamini, Marco

Towards the boundaries of self-prioritization: Associating the self With asymmetric shapes disrupts the self-prioritization effect Journal Article

In: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, vol. 49, pp. 972-986, 2022.

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Chen, Y; Brigadoi, S; Lomoriello, A Schiano; Jolicoeur, P; Simal, A; Fu, S; Baro, V; Dell’Acqua, R

A bilateral SPCN is elicited by to-be-memorized visual stimuli displayed along the vertical midline Journal Article

In: Psychophysiology, vol. 59, pp. e14045, 2022.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Petri, Lara; Patron, Elisabetta; Spoto, Andrea; Vicovaro, Michele

Direct gaze holds attention, but not in individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder Journal Article

In: Brain Sciences, vol. 12, pp. 288, 2022.

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Del Maschio, N; Crespi, F; Peressotti, F; Abutalebi, J; Sulpizio, S

Decision-making depends on language: A meta-analysis of the Foreign Language Effect Journal Article

In: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, pp. 1-14, 2022.

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Mazzonetto, I; Castellaro, M; Cooper, R J; Brigadoi, S

Smartphone-based photogrammetry provides improved localization and registration of scalp-mounted neuroimaging sensors Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 1–14, 2022.

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Guerra, Silvia; Bonato, Bianca; Wang, Qiuran; Peressotti, Alessandro; Peressotti, Francesca; Baccinelli, Walter; Bulgheroni, Maria; Castiello, Umberto

Kinematic Evidence of Root-to-Shoot Signaling for the Coding of Support Thickness in Pea Plants Journal Article

In: Biology, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 405, 2022.


Quartarone, Cinzia; Navarrete, Eduardo; Budisavljevi'c, Sanja; Peressotti, Francesca

Exploring the ventral white matter language network in bimodal and unimodal bilinguals Journal Article

In: Brain and Language, vol. 235, pp. 105187, 2022.


Miozzo, Michele; Peressotti, Francesca

How the hand has shaped sign languages Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 11980, 2022.


Lorenzoni, Anna; Santesteban, Mikel; Peressotti, Francesca; Baus, Cristina; Navarrete, Eduardo

Language as a cue for social categorization in bilingual communities Journal Article

In: Plos one, vol. 17, no. 11, pp. e0276334, 2022.

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Lorenzoni, Anna; Pagliarini, Elena; Vespignani, Francesco; Navarrete, Eduardo

Pragmatic and knowledge range lenience towards foreigners Journal Article

In: Acta Psychologica, vol. 226, pp. 103572, 2022.

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SANCHEZ, Eduardo NAVARRETE; Pedis, Marta De; Lorenzoni, Anna; others,

Verbal deception in picture naming Journal Article


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Dona, Giuseppe Di; Mantione, Federica; Alber, Birgit; Sulpizio, Simone; Vespignani, Francesco

Allophonic familiarity differentiates word representations in the brain of native speakers of regional linguistic varieties Journal Article

In: Brain and Language, vol. 227, pp. 105085, 2022.



Gastaldon, Simone; Busan, Pierpaolo; Arcara, Giorgio; Peressotti, Francesca

When inefficient speech-motor control affects speech comprehension: atypical electrophysiological correlates of language prediction in stuttering Journal Article

In: bioRxiv, pp. 2021.10.28.466231, 2021.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Zhang, Xinyuan; Galfano, Giovanni; Castelli, Luigi

Face masks do not alter gaze cueing of attention: Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic Journal Article

In: i-Perception, vol. 12, pp. 1-16, 2021.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Galfano, Giovanni

Increased gaze cueing of attention during COVID-19 lockdown Journal Article

In: iScience, vol. 24, 103283, 2021.

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Marturano, F; Brigadoi, S; Doro, M; Dell'Acqua, R; Sparacino, G

A neural network predicting the amplitude of the N2pc in individual EEG datasets Journal Article

In: Journal of Neural Engineering, vol. 18, pp. 056044, 2021.

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Zhang, Xinyuan; Dalmaso, Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Fu, Shimin; Galfano, Giovanni

Cross-cultural asymmetries in oculomotor interference elicited by gaze distractors belonging to Asian and White faces Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 11, 20410, 2021.

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Zhang, Xinyuan; Dalmaso, Mario; Castelli, Luigi; Fiorese, Alberto; Lan, Yonglong; Sun, Bo; Fu, Shimin; Galfano, Giovanni

Social attention across borders: A cross-cultural investigation of gaze cueing elicited by same- and other-ethnicity faces Journal Article

In: British Journal of Psychology, vol. 112, pp. 741–762, 2021.

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Dalmaso, Mario; Vicovaro, Michele

Is face age mapped asymmetrically onto space? Insights from a SNARC-like task Journal Article

In: Symmetry, vol. 13, 1617, 2021.

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Siddiqui, M F; Pinti, P; Lloyd-Fox, S; Jones, E JH; Brigadoi, S; Collins-Jones, L; Tachtsidis, I; Johnson, M H; Elwell, C E

Regional Haemodynamic and Metabolic Coupling in Infants Journal Article

In: Frontiers in human neuroscience, vol. 15, 2021.

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