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Benavides-Varela, S; Moro, S Basso; Brigadoi, S; Meconi, F; Doro, M; Simion, F; Sessa, P; Cutini, S; Dell'Acqua, R

N2pc reflects two modes for coding the number of visual targets Journal Article

In: Psychophysiology, vol. 55, no. 11, pp. e13219, 2018.

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Basso-Moro, S.; Brigadoi, S.; Benavides-Varela, S.; Cutini, S.; Sessa, P.; Simion, F.; Dell'Acqua, R.

Cross-modal matching of numerosity is subserved by the left parietal cortex in the developing brain Conference

Biennal Meeting of the Society for Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy, Paris (FR). October 13-16, 2016.


Galderisi, A.; Brigadoi, S.; Cutini, S.; Basso-Moro, S.; Lolli, E.; Meconi, F.; Benavides-Varela, S.; Baraldi, E.; Amodio, P.; Cobelli, C.; Trevisanuto, D.; Dell'Acqua, R.

Long-term continuous monitoring of the preterm brain with diffuse optical tomography and electroencephalography: A technical note on cap manufacturing Journal Article

In: Neurophotonics, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 045009, 2016.

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Benavides-Varela, S.; Basso-Moro, S.; Cutini, S.; Sessa, P.; Simion, F.; Dell’Acqua, R.

Audio-visual dynamics in multiple object processing: Is attending to both modalities a prerequisite for the flexibility of individuation? An N2pc study Conference

Rovereto Attention Workshop, Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC), University of Trento, 2015.


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