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Research Areas

fNIRS – functional near-infrared spectroscopy

Visual short-term memory

Selected Publications


Brigadoi, S.; Cutini, S.; Meconi, F.; Castellaro, M.; Sessa, P.; Marangon, M.; Bertoldo, A.; Jolicœur, P.; Dell'Acqua, R.

On the role of the inferior intraparietal sulcus in visual working memory for lateralized single-feature objects Journal Article

In: J Cogn Neurosci, vol. 29, no. 2, pp. 337–351, 2017.

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Galderisi, A.; Brigadoi, S.; Cutini, S.; Basso-Moro, S.; Lolli, E.; Meconi, F.; Benavides-Varela, S.; Baraldi, E.; Amodio, P.; Cobelli, C.; Trevisanuto, D.; Dell'Acqua, R.

Long-term continuous monitoring of the preterm brain with diffuse optical tomography and electroencephalography: A technical note on cap manufacturing Journal Article

In: Neurophotonics, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 045009, 2016.

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Brigadoi, S; Cooper, R J

How short is short? Optimum source--detector distance for short-separation channels in functional near-infrared spectroscopy Journal Article

In: Neurophotonics, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 025005–025005, 2015.



Brigadoi, S; Aljabar, P; Kuklisova-Murgasova, M; Arridge, S R; Cooper, R J

A 4D neonatal head model for diffuse optical imaging of pre-term to term infants Journal Article

In: Neuroimage, vol. 100, pp. 385–394, 2014.


Brigadoi, S; Ceccherini, L; Cutini, S; Scarpa, F; Scatturin, P; Selb, J; Gagnon, L; Boas, D A; Cooper, R J

Motion artifacts in functional near-infrared spectroscopy: a comparison of motion correction techniques applied to real cognitive data Journal Article

In: Neuroimage, vol. 85, pp. 181–191, 2014.



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Dell'Acqua, Roberto; Sessa, Paola; Brigadoi, Sabrina; Gervain, Judit; Luria, Roy; Doro, Mattia

On the functional independence of numerical acuity and visual working memory Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 15, no. 1335857, 2024.

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Dell'Acqua, Roberto; Sessa, Paola; Sabrina, Brigadoi

Nulla si crea, nulla si distrugge, tutto si trasforma Journal Article

In: Giornale Italiano di Psicologia, vol. 3, pp. 597-601, 2023.

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Balters, S; Schlichting, M; Foland-Ross, L; Brigadoi, S; Miller, J G; Kochenderfer, M J; Garrett, A S; Reiss, A L

Towards Assessing Subcortical “Deep Brain” Biomarkers of PTSD with Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Journal Article Forthcoming

In: Cerebral Cortex, Forthcoming.


Ayaz, H; Baker, W B; Blaney, G; Boas, D A; Bortfeld, H; Brady, K; Brake, J; Brigadoi, S; Buckley, E M; Carp, S A; others,

Optical imaging and spectroscopy for the study of the human brain: status report Journal Article

In: Neurophotonics, vol. 9, no. S2, pp. S24001, 2022.

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Dell’Acqua, R; Doro, M; Brigadoi, S; Drisdelle, B L; Simal, A; Baro, V; Jolicœur, P

On target selection as reflected by posterior ERP components in feature-guided visual search Journal Article

In: Psychophysiology, vol. 59, pp. e14131, 2022.

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Chen, Y; Brigadoi, S; Lomoriello, A Schiano; Jolicoeur, P; Simal, A; Fu, S; Baro, V; Dell’Acqua, R

A bilateral SPCN is elicited by to-be-memorized visual stimuli displayed along the vertical midline Journal Article

In: Psychophysiology, vol. 59, pp. e14045, 2022.

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Mazzonetto, I; Castellaro, M; Cooper, R J; Brigadoi, S

Smartphone-based photogrammetry provides improved localization and registration of scalp-mounted neuroimaging sensors Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 1–14, 2022.

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Marturano, F; Brigadoi, S; Doro, M; Dell'Acqua, R; Sparacino, G

A neural network predicting the amplitude of the N2pc in individual EEG datasets Journal Article

In: Journal of Neural Engineering, vol. 18, pp. 056044, 2021.

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Siddiqui, M F; Pinti, P; Lloyd-Fox, S; Jones, E JH; Brigadoi, S; Collins-Jones, L; Tachtsidis, I; Johnson, M H; Elwell, C E

Regional Haemodynamic and Metabolic Coupling in Infants Journal Article

In: Frontiers in human neuroscience, vol. 15, 2021.

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Curzel, F; Brigadoi, S; Cutini, S

fNIRS & e-drum: an ecological approach to monitor hemodynamic and behavioural effects of rhythmic auditory cueing training Journal Article

In: Brain and Cognition, vol. 151, pp. 105753, 2021.


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